As well as our specialist web design services, Wild Lime Media can assist in other areas of your internet strategy and in complementary solutions such as graphic design. These services include:

Domain Name Registration

Don't lose your identity on the web. Find out why you should have your own domain name and check to see if the one you want is still available

Web Site Hosting

Once you have your domain name and website created, you will need somewhere to store it - details on these options are available right here.

Site Promotion

Search engines are the major way to ensure your website is visible. Your website will need to be registered with the major search engines so it's found in these directories. A range of free and fee-based registration options are available. Again we can explain all of this to you.

Site Optimisation

Site Maintenance or Redevelopment

Don't have the time to keep your site up-to-date? Perhaps you feel your website has lost its lustre, or that your competitors' sites are a cut above yours?
Maybe it's time to “renovate”. The team at Wild Lime Media can either perform ongoing website maintenance or – if your site really needs refreshing - a major revamp. Alternatively, if you have a database-driven website, you can do your own maintenance using a simple web-based tool. Maintenance fees are charged per job.

Multimedia and Print Media

Our comprehensive “one stop shop” concept involves the creation of the highest quality corporate print media including business cards, business stationery and brochure material. Developed by our experienced graphic designer, in conjunction with you, our professional and eye-catching designs will meet all of your company's branding goals.

E-Commerce Solutions

Wild Lime Media is proud to offer a generic software tool to meet all your e-commerce needs. Called Shop OnLime, this affordable online shopping solution offers a range of options that can be customized to suit your specific needs. This package offers your customers an easy and secure way to buy your products online, while also giving you a user-friendly and efficient means to manage your online shop.

Custom Software Development

We can design and develop user-friendly software packages customized to suit your company's specific needs. Using the latest programming and database technologies, we'll create software that can streamline your business' processes and operations. With several qualified and experienced software engineers on staff, we have the technical expertise to do your job professionally and promptly ... and to suit your exacting requirements.