Proposal Guide

The following is a brief guide intended to help you structure the information requirements for us to provide an accurate quote and will give you a good understanding of what Wild Lime Media will require from you.

1. Introduction.

a. Your Company. (A brief summary of what you do.)
b. Industry background (provide as much information on your industry segment including competitors and their web sites as possible)
c. What your project is about.
d. Proposal Needs. (Your contact person, your timeline for proposals, budget if you have already defined one, and any expectations you have from the proposal.)

2. Goals and Objectives

a. Project Goals. (Describe the objectives that this project must meet. If you currently have a web site explain its shortcomings, or why you are seeking a change.)
b. Related Business Goals. (How will the web site integrate with your business and marketing strategies?)
c. Tests for Project Success. (How will you measure the success of your web site?)

3. Customer Requirements.

a. What markets and customers are you targeting? Can you profile these?
b. How will your web site help to satisfy your customers needs (convenience, choice, lower costs etc)?
c. What aspects of your web site would your customers find most important or valuable?

4. Design Requirements.

a. How should the site look and feel? (Overall tone, manner, general look and feel required for site?)
b. (For Redesigns) The Scope of Design Changes.
c. Design Specifications. (Please detail usage of logos, supporting branding, fonts/typefaces, available artwork and images)

5. Functional Requirements.

a. Functions List. (A summary of functions that need to be built for users. Describe what you want your site to do, and how you want it to do it. Any features you want included or specific functionality. This section is very important to the quoting process as we need to forsee all as many outcomes as possible.
b. What is the long-term plan for the site? Have you considered growth/flexibility?

6. Scope of Project.

a. Content Summary. (Where will your site’s content, text and images, come from? Who will be
responsible for the production of this material?)
b. Developer Tasks. (Describe exactly what you want our web developer to do for you. Describe the type
of services you require. Outline which tasks will be the developer's sole responsibility, which you will
collaborate on, and which (if any) will be handled by other companies or contractors.)

7. Resourcing.

a. Summarize the staff and/or other contractors who would be involved in this project's creation and
maintenance including all contact details.

8. Site Marketing.

a. Attracting new customers. How will your web site achieve this (domestic and/or international)?
b. Promotion to existing customers. How do you propose targeting them?

9. Summary.

a. Re-state the exact project as you see it, including a confirmation of what you see as the “deliverables” or what key features the web site has.

Please feel free to email your proposal to us at or call us on 07 4031 3560